Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Corny Socks - Finished!

Yarn: Maizy by Crystal Palace Yarns (82% Corn Fiber, 18% elastic Nylon)
Color: Kelp Gray
Needles: #1 Quicksilver dpns (can't get used to using circs for socks)
Pattern: Purl Trax - See Side Bar.
Comments: This yarn splits too easily, and I had to pay attention, especially when doing the decorative purl stitches. However, it knits up into a very attractive fabric. It's pretty and so soft to wear. I haven't read anything about the durability of corn fiber (I keep thinking of corn husks and their fragility) so it remains to be seen how well they will wear.

Here's my rant for the day. Blogger's wysiwyg editing is so limiting, with its small window and the lack of photo placement that I am considering switching to another blogging product.

Can anyone give me some pointers on doing this?


Guinifer said...

I always just take the Idiots Way Out with Blogger. I make my photos medium sized and centered. I got too frustrated trying to place my photos and decided to just K.I.S.S. it.

Drin said...

Those socks look great. Thanks for the heads up on the splittyness, I have some of this yarn in my stash that I have been wanting to try.

pat said...

I really like your simple but special pattern! and I've never knit with corn fiber - in fact, until this minute, I didn't know there was such a thing - very cool!
I have no blog software recommendations - I ended up just making my own blog without any blogging software - it's time consuming, but I have total control, which I like.
(but I've heard others like Typepad and Wordpress)

Angie said...

I love your socks! Very cute but simple pattern!

FWIW, I like Typepad. If you read some of their tutorials, you may be able to find how to move your archives over.