Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shades of the '50s

Shades of the 1950s when pink and gray or pink and black were so very in.

I'm lovin' the shades in this yarn. But I now look askance at multicolored yarn since I read where hip knitters call some of it "clown barf." Who comes up with this stuff? I'm imagining clowns tossing up polka dots!

Is this clown barf?

This Shi Bui and Regia Silk are way too traditionally colored to be defined by such an irreverent term.

Speaking of irreverence, here's the reason I didn't use the tattoo from the August STR club above my socks. These old legs just ain't so smooth any more.

However, click the photo to take a closer look at the socks. They are so cute, if I do say so myself. I might make these in the white Regia Silk one of these days. Or in the Shi Bui. Or....


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Screw the "hip" knitters. Who wants to be a lemming and follow the "in-crowd" anyway?

stch said...

I guess there must be a wee bit of old fashionness in me, I really like the colour combination of the grey and pink, as well as the Shi Bui and Regia Silk colours you've choosen.
As for "clown barf" that's a phrase I'd not read/heard before. Being a fan of some of the multicolour yarns, I'd say forget what the so called hip knitters say and go with what you enjoy.
The colours and patterning that you'd achieved in your "Summer of love lace socks" are quite lovely, and each one of the pair compliments the other very well.

Suzie said...

Nice job on your Summer of Love socks!!

Jen said...

Pretty socks! I don't think any of it looks like clown barf! :)

renee said...

I've never heard that term "clown barf" before. Sometimes I get so sick of the snarkiness in the knitting community. If someone likes to knit with colorful yarn, who cares? If someone else likes to use fluffy yarn, who cares? Why do others have to look down their nose? This is all supposed to be fun. Anyway, I think your STR and your new socks are both beautiful!