Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rainbow Socks - Finished!

: Regia Mini Ringel Color
Pattern: Basic Strong Heel Sock
Needles: #1 dpns
Comments: This is an interesting heel and works well if you want minimal interruption in the patterning of the yarn. There is no heel flap and there are no stitches to pick up. It seems to fit well, and I would use the heel pattern again.

It pleased me how the colors started and ended with blues. The colors are just plain happy!

In this photo you can get a better view of how the heel looks and how little the striping is disturbed by the turning of the heel.

I used a twisted rib stitch at the top of the socks. It's fairly stretchy and has a rather crisp look, which I really like and would use again even though it takes a little more effort to remember to do (no snoozing through the ribbing).


Guinifer said...

That heel has me very confused - at first I thought it looked like it was upside-down, and then I thought, hmmm short row? but no?

Prettyy socks.

renee said...

That heel does look really good with the stripey yarn. I'll have to try that out one of these days.

Jen said...

I love those socks. The strips are perfect! :)

Agnes said...

I did that strong heel once and yes, it is magical if you don't want interruption in the stripes. I love the colours too ... happy stripes.

Kathy said...

Nice - Very Nice! I am not familiar with that heel at all. Looks very interesting. Hmmm - may I ask where you found the directions?

Love happy striped socks - yes, they are "very happy". Great job!