Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It Came Without Instruction

I simply loved the look of this tool; don't think I've gotten the hang of it yet. It's a nostepinne.

No, it's not a nose pin and it's not listed in either Wikipedia or Webster's. That's because it's a Scandinavian word for "ballwinder."

Now, I have a friend whose mother taught her to wind the most beautiful centerpull balls of yarn you can imagine but some of us need a little help in this department. Ahem!

It came without directions, just like my swift. Who sells arcane tools without instructions? So I Googled "nostepinne" and got several instructions, a bit conflicting and surely confusing to the neophyte ball winder. Do I wind it in a figure eight at two angles or just wind it at one angle while turning the tool slowly? Apparently I could end up with a football shaped yarn thing or the more desirable yarn cake that sits flat.

If you see me walking and patting my head and rubbing my stomach one of these days, you will know I am just working up to this. Meanwhile, I'm returning to my "New Wool Winder" with the little hand crank. Pretty hard to do that one wrong (turn clockwise, turn clockwise)!


Kathy said...


I have one, and love it! I opted out on the mechanical ball winder, just because I love to "feel" the yarns, and also loved the idea of a handmade tool with which to work. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, nice compact, perfectly shaped disks are very producible. Good luck!

I hold mine in my left hand, with the "point" toward my body, and wrap my yarn at an angle (lower left moving to upper right), while slowly rotating the noste with my left hand.

It will eventually come to you...

Guinifer said...

It's just a really pretty stick - it should be easy! (Not that I could do it!)

knit chick said...

I have a nostepinne, too. I agree that it takes a little getting used to, but it's handy (esp if you go on vacation and buy some yarn at a LYS).

meg said...

A video is worth *two* thousand words! See this site: website has just about everything you could want to learn how to spin, too :-)