Sunday, July 08, 2007

Too Hot for Soltice Slip

I'm at the toe of these socks and just can't look at this hot color any more. It's the Rockin' Sock Club's June sock, and the color is just too warm for the hot days we are having here in the Midwest. I will finish them soon, though and post photos.

So, what do you do when you need something cool to knit? You pick up a yarn that has cool colors and go with it!

This yarn has the feel of Mountain Colors Bearfoot, but is spun finer. I am using #2 needles rather than my usual #1, because I want it to go faster. (What can I say; hot days make me feel lazy.) The colors in this yarn fairly glow! They remind me of cool waters and lush Spring foliage.

I tried a patterned stitch with this yarn and even a cable stitch but the pattern seemed to blur into the yarn and I wasn't liking what I saw, so they will remain just plain socks. The colors in the yarn will be lovely enough.

I just had to show these to you. They are socks a friend made from the Nancy Bush pattern, Heelless Sleeping Socks which were in the book, "Knitting Vintage Socks."

I think they are fabulous, and my friend does the most beautiful knitting!


Guinifer said...

Is that your Jojo? It's lovely.

Jen said...

Love the socks! :)