Friday, July 13, 2007


For me, there aren't enough hours to be able to spend on creating things that please my eye, and certainly not enough days in a lifetime.

Rather than finishing the Rockin' Sock Club socks, which only have the toes remaining and I am procrastinating even though the weather got a bit cooler and I no longer have the "yarn is too hot" excuse, I started these socks in the beautiful JoJoland yarn. The colors are simply stunning as they undulate from green to turquoise to blue.

And the bracelet. Aha! that is another sidetrack project, albeit a very easy one that I quickly finished and promptly wore. If you haven't done any beading, I highly recommend it as a very pleasant and gratifying craft with wearable or giftable results. (Is giftable not a word? Well, it should be.)

Oh, and I have started these socks, only in black and white: Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks.
If they work out, they will go to my grandson, who seems to really enjoy quirky shoes and socks. Wonder where he got that?


Missmalice said...

wild! love the jack sparrow socks. almost got a pair of fatbaby boots yesterday - as I liked the look of yours so much! i finally settled on a sandy pair with a tiny heel, same make. love the soles. so comfy!

Jen said...

I love the color of that yarn! It's so beautiful.

Have a great weekend!

Guinifer said...

The socks AND the bracelet are absolutely gorgeous! nice work...