Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lime Sherbet, Anyone?

I am not a green person. That is to say, I don't live with or wear a lot of green.

But this color was so sherbety that I knew I had to knit it up into summer anklets to go with a sherbet flavored shirt. Along with white, the color is pure refreshment on a hot day.



Jen said...

Oh, I am loving that color. Lately, I have been more attracted to the simple plain color yarns. They are so pretty!

Guinifer said...

Just lov-er-ly!
I can see the green/white combo very clearly.

stch said...

It's a wonderful colour for summer, and for a pair of anklets.

sheila said...

I love that color...it is very summery and will look great as a pair of anklets!

Missmalice said...


I love that green.