Monday, July 16, 2007

The JoJolands - Finished!

Yarn: JoJoland Melody Color # MS16
Pattern: My plain sock pattern
Needles: #2 Susan Bates Quicksilver double points

Comments: I thought these socks would be a breeze to knit with larger needles than I usualy use, but found the yarn quite slippery and I seemed to drop stitches and not notice until I was a few rows down the line. This may have been the fault of the knitter, however. Ahem!

I could have used bamboo needles and that might have helped somewhat. The yarn seemed to have less memory than some of the more tightly spun yarn and when I had to frog, it was difficult to pick up the stitches with even a darning needle because the stitches popped loose and that led to more picking up stitches.

My tendency is to match up striping, but in this case I did want both socks to look different.

In the end, I really like the colors in this sock!


renee said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!! I may need to cast on some Jojoland for my next pair - thanks for the inspiration!

Indie Mama said...

*love* the color!

Guinifer said...

I think you should call those your Little Mermaid socks - they look like they came from "Under the Sea"!