Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Speaking of Knitting Bags

The BIG Bag

This bag has been banished to the closet because it was my first--and only--felting "thing" and not the best experience. I took a class in machine felting. You had to purchase the wool at the shop, as usually is required. I was working then, so I looked for the yarn at night, under less than desirable lighting. What I really wanted was a combination of charcoal, gray, brown, black, but they did not have all those colors in the yarn I wanted. My second color choice would have been red. Again, that was out of stock. Why I bought this, I don't know. And I chose to make the LARGE bag, of course. As I knitted, my loved ones kidded me about knitting a suitcase big enough to step into. Indeed, it looked like a dress with straps when I finally finished knitting.

And look what languishes inside the BIG bag. It's a sweater, almost finished except for one sleeve.

I need to set a goal to finish the sweaters that are languishing here and there. After doing socks, they should be a welcome change!


Guinifer said...

I like the color of the sweater-to-be. It looks like it wouldn't take too much effort to finish it.

Rani said...

I love the bag! Carry it with pride!