Monday, June 11, 2007

Door County Treasures

The View from Edgewater
The view from the steps of the Edgewater Inn is wonderful! On International K.I.P. Day two of us observed the day by knitting in public on the porch. I'm not knitting while the above photo was taken, however. Just observing.
We fed the tamest sea gull who actually came up next to me on the steps:Here are the best gals you could ever want as your friends:
And more photos:
Finished while we drove home were the Edgewater Anklets:Back to real life...


Jen said...

I have never been to Door County, but have always wanted to go. Your pictures are making me want to start planning a trip now! :)

Guinifer said...

I spent my honeymoon at the Edgewater back in 1990. (sigh). Did you buy some cherries?