Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer Anklets in Progress

You might think that socks so ordinary and plain would have been one of the first that I made. Somehow, white cotton just doesn't jump off the shelves at you; there's just too much color competition. It took a trip to Florida for me to notice this mostly cotton sock yarn.

Although I have some concern about how they will wash--and wear--I really like the way it is knitting up and suspect that these socks will become favorites. It's soft and has quite a bit more resilience than I thought it would have. I liked it so much I bought it in another color just the other day and plan to do another plain pair.

Egad! What if I end up doing only plain vanilla socks for the rest of my life? Will I be shunned by the knitting blogosphere? Will no one subscribe to my RSS feed? Who would comment on my lovely plain offerings?


Cynthia said...

Never fear...Your fellow Minnesota bloggers will not abandon you!

Guinifer said...

Oh. My. Word. Do you have any idea how filthy those would be if I were knitting them?