Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monkey Business

Yes, you have seen this scarf before. My sister glommed onto the first one, so I'm making another. It's Morehouse Farm yarn, which I love. It sounds strange, but this wonderful Merino wool smells heavenly! I haven't run across another yarn that has the same aroma. I emailed Margrit at Morehouse and asked her to tell me I wasn't the only one who loved the fragrance of their wool. She emailed back that, indeed, I was not alone.

I have known lots of knitters to rub yarn on their necks to gauge the softness, but smelling?

Any other yarn sniffers out there?

This just in...Two sock yarns from Fearless Fibers, and they are luscious!

Here's a really great thing: this yarn has 550 yards in each skein! You could actually make some socks with patterning on the leg and not experience yarn shortage anxiety.

I have not used this yarn before, but I can tell you that ordering was painless and the yarn was shipped immediately. You can see before ordering if the yarn is in stock, so no undue waiting for the shipment because something is out of stock. But I have a feeling the yarn goes out quickly, so if you go there, speed up that mouse.

And my favorite monkey adorned in the latest linen washcloth made of Euroflax Linen.

The washcloth almost disappears, doesn't it? Still, I love the linen color and texture.

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Guinifer said...

I have some of that yellow Fearless Fibers! I haven't used it all yet - I used it for a patterned pair and I have enough left over for a full pair! It makes a lovely fabric.