Monday, May 07, 2007

AK Socks - Finished!

Yarn: Free Style Dalegarn
Pattern: AK Socks by Lynnetter Holzer
Needles: Susan Bates Quicksilver #2 dp's
Comments: I made a slight change to the pattern, doing the ruffle and then switching to stockinette where the pattern called for more ribbing. And I used only one size needle, rather than two as designated,

The whimsical nature of these socks is great and so is the fit! Might adapt the pattern to fingering weight one of these days.


Guinifer said...

Those are really cute, and they look pretty warm too.

Kathy said...

Those are very nice looking! I think we all have a WW pair of socks - they are like slippers, and mine are worn all the time!! Cute pattern - and you really must adapt to fingering wt.

I am new to your blog, so want to look around a little - check out those 24 pairs in 12 months!! Way to go... congrats!! Socks are the funnest thing to knit ever!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jen said...

Another awesome pair of socks! I think those colors go together so well.

Missmalice said...

ooooh very pretty!