Friday, April 27, 2007

Warning! STR Spoiler! Grasshoppers!

Having never done socks on two circulars before, I approached this pattern with a bit of trepidation. After glancing through the pattern, I began. You know, there are at least a couple different types of pattern followers:
  1. Those who read the pattern thoroughly before starting to knit.
  2. Those who glance at it and begin with blind faith.
I am in the blind faith category. Don't ask why; some things cannot be explained.

The pattern for the April STR 2007 Rockin' Sock Club kit has so far been very clear and easy to follow even though this is only my second toe-up sock. Sometimes, though I wish we had a local get together to just knit the club socks and get ideas (help?) from other knitters. However, the postings on the Rockin' Sock blog are really helpful.

The yarn is beautiful, wool and silk blend that is so very soft in a lovely color. I just want to knit all day and not do anything else. But alas...


Guinifer said...

I am making my STR wait in line to be in knit, but it's very tempting to cast it on. This skein is much different than any sock yarn I've knit with before.

Missmalice said...

I wish we could find a job which basically is to sit around, knit and chat all day, and get paid well for it!!! When I find it, I'll tell you! :) (If you find it first, don't forget about me!!!) Hee hee.