Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bearfoot Ankles

Using Mountain Colors' Bearfoot yarn, I embark on my 24th pair of socks. These are from an old Jaeger pattern you can get here.

Since they are only anklets, which means a much shorter leg than I prefer, I would think 350 yards would be more than enough. But when you have a long foot, you are bound to need more yarn than the average.

And here's the progress...I am getting yarn shortage anxiety again!

My thought is that if I get to the toe part and am sure I don't have enough yarn, I will use some solid color that blends with it, rather than spend another $21 to finish them. After all, the toe rarely shows, right? Except if you tend to walk around the house stocking footed...who would do that with hand knit socks? me.

These really look like the old-fashioned bobby sox, if you are old enough to remember that.

I hope to finish these in a couple of days...just in time for my book club retreat, and then I'll be starting another project (to keep me from eating so much at this eatreat--er, retreat)!


Guinifer said...

I was able to finishe a pair of socks from Bearfoot that fit my size 9 feet with a 6 1/2 inch cuff. I knit them on Knitpicks 2.5's and I had just barely enough to get them done. I think you should have enough.

Anonymous said...

I just bought that Bearfoot yarn in that exact colorway, and I am so glad it knits up so beautifully! I hope you have enough! Luckily, I dont think having a different dye lot would effect sock toes so much :)

Jen said...

I love that color! Do you happen to know the name of the colorway? I think I need some! :)