Monday, March 19, 2007

Rocking and Rolling and Ripping Out

Recognize this sock?

This was done with 00 needles, which gave me the closest gauge, but I found it too hard to knit with medium weight yarn and tiny needles. It's not the best photo, but I took it right before ripping out and my patience was wearing thin. The sock was pooling in an unusual way(can you say camouflage) and I wanted to switch to the next larger needles in the hope that it might get more stripey like in the pattern photo.

Guess WHAT! It did not!

As some of you know, this is the current STR sock kit. My yarn almost looks like a cousin of the one in the photo. It seems to be missing much of the lighter colors that show up in a lot of these socks that are being created.

Oh well, I joined this to learn, and I am definitely learning. Having never done a toe-up sock before, I find myself intrigued--and stretched--by this pattern, which is called the "Inside Out." It can be worn right side or inside out. The color pooling is so funky that I might just wear one of each!

I do feel that cables and lace patterns usually get lost in a multicolored yarn . Occasionally one finds an intricate pattern that compliments an patterned yarn, but not too often. The Jaywalker sock is an excellent exception, and even that doesn't work with every yarn. That's just my opinion, which seems to run perpendicular to the current wave. It must be me. A holdover from the fifties.


Heather said...

My sock did the same thing! It began exactly like your 2nd photo! I thought all of the action was going to be on the bottom of my foot. I stuck to it and the stripe eventually boomeranged and made 2 fat stripes around the foot. Now I'm on the ankle and it's spiral striping like all the other socks I've seen. I used 00 needles for the foot and size 1 for the toe, heel and ankle. Also, my skein is like yours, with less blue and more gray than others I've seen. It'll be gorgeous!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I haven't started mine yet, but hope to by this weekend. But with all the trouble I'm reading about ... it's worrisome. Like you, I want to learn tho. p.s. mine yarn is on the darker side also.

loretta123 said...

I haven't started my kit yet but have had pooling issues with many hand-dyed yarns. I am always dismayed when it happens since, unlike most people, I find it unattractive rather than artistic.

I've lately come around to really examining my sock books' patterns and I find that most of the ones I drool over are done in solid or semi-solids to show off the character of the knitting rather than the character of the yarn.

Guess you have to pick your poison! Those handpaints can sure look pretty when the right pattern is used.

Holly said...

They look nice anyway. It seems to take a certain combination of needles size and number of stitches to get stripes.

if you want to take a look at how mine turned out (done on 60-65 stitches on 2,5mm needles) take a look at


Jen said...

I am jealous of your STR sock club membership! :) I find with STR I often have to start over at least once because of the pooling issues. I am sure they will turn out great!

Dixie said...

My socks have that vertical stripe thing going on as well. I'm mildly vexed, but not enough to rip it out since the sock fits fine so far (and really, that's what I care the most about).

Guinifer said...

I don't have a preference for how my colors show up in my socks - I just love the adventure of watching the colors "bloom" on my needles.

Becky said...

I like the pooling. It is my second year in the club and it has always been fun to see how different all of the socks are as we knit them up. I used 0s on my foot and got pooling as well.