Friday, March 09, 2007

Mom's Socks - Finished!

While in Sioux Falls helping my sister as she recovered from a heart attack, these socks for my mom took shape and I finished them this morning.

On my way home from S.F. I stopped at Mom's for an overnight. We measured her itty-bitty Munchkin feet (size 6-1/2) and I am pretty sure these will fit her. Being a fairly practical person, she liked the color, which is a variegated gray and goes well with the scarf I gave her last year. Somehow I lost the ball band but I think the yarn is Regia.

Does anyone else worry about giftees tossing our lovingly made hand knits haphazardly into the washer or *gasp* dryer? It's easy even for me to make a mistake like that. I guess you just have to give the gift and not look back.

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Guinifer said...

Unfortunately, once they are gone from our hands they are also gone from our control (sigh). Kind of like kids...