Thursday, March 15, 2007

About Podcast Receivers

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is not until Saturday, but my yarn enablers are planning a trip to Buffalo to Silver Creek Cabin that day, so I will be too busy to post!

For my fellow geeks: there is a free podcast receiver available called Ziepod. Since having some problems with Juice after a recent iTunes update, I switched to this and am liking it so far. The practical feature of Ziepod is that you can stream or download the podcasts. The upgrade version of this adds, among other things, the ability to receive video podcasts and it sells for around twenty dollars. The free version works for me!

I use iTunes to transfer my music to my iPod, but don't like it for receiving podcasts because it doesn't seem to download them directly from the source which makes some of the podcasts arrive late or not at all and then I have to manage them; delete the ones I don't want, etc. And since many podcasts are like newspapers in that the information is timely and would be old news in a few weeks, it makes sense for me to listen to them on my computer while I have my morning coffee and do a bit of knitting.

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