Saturday, February 24, 2007

From My Sister's Back Yard

Yesterday the wind blew fiercely across South Dakota and this morning we woke to a mixture of snow and ice (snice). In the afternoon it began to snow, those large, loose, irregular globs of wet snow. If you look closely, you can see those fluffy, heavenly particles. It came fast and then stopped abruptly. We are supposed to get more tonight, and it could be four to six inches.

My sister is recovering quite nicely. I've been pampering her by doing laundry, cleaning and cooking. Tuesday she goes in for a stent in the second artery. Then it will be another 7 days of careful recovery. And after that she will still have about 6 weeks of recovery. By Spring she will be a new person. I am very thankful!


Jen said...

I am glad to hear that your sister is recovering well!

Guinifer said...

Glad to hear your sis is doing well. You certainly missed a pile o snow back here.