Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Get Well Socks - Finished!

My sister chose this yarn for her Get Well Socks.

I did not have my ball winder with me so I knit them from both ends of the skein. You can see that the stripes are just opposite. They are not perfectly matched. Life is like that. It doesn't always line up the way you want. In all things give thanks..

Today she had the second stent inserted into her artery, and I just received a call from her telling me that she is just fine and will be back home tomorrow! Again, In all things give thanks...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

From My Sister's Back Yard

Yesterday the wind blew fiercely across South Dakota and this morning we woke to a mixture of snow and ice (snice). In the afternoon it began to snow, those large, loose, irregular globs of wet snow. If you look closely, you can see those fluffy, heavenly particles. It came fast and then stopped abruptly. We are supposed to get more tonight, and it could be four to six inches.

My sister is recovering quite nicely. I've been pampering her by doing laundry, cleaning and cooking. Tuesday she goes in for a stent in the second artery. Then it will be another 7 days of careful recovery. And after that she will still have about 6 weeks of recovery. By Spring she will be a new person. I am very thankful!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Off to Sioux Falls

My sister suffered a heart attack on Thursday, February 15. We were on our way home from Florida, meandering through the country while avoiding the snowstorms when we got the call from my nephew.

She had two blocked arteries. They opened one and will do the other one on the 27th. She is doing well and the doctors let her go home yesterday. I'm going to Sioux Falls to help her as much as I can.

My posts might be sporadic at best while I am there, but I will continue to knit (and to teach my sister to knit as well).

Saturday, February 10, 2007


It seems tawdry to tell you we were in Florida for a week while Minnesota braced against frigid below temps. But we were, and this is the morning sunrise from the balcony of our suite. I did not want to return...that, from a true homebody is saying something! The temperatures were cool for Florida, but it was still a lovely trip.

This is the Daytona Pier, which has a long and interesting history. On our way to Florida, we drove through Biloxi and saw the beautiful beach and all the empty places after Katrina. As we were driving, they said on the news that State Farm wasn't going to insure any property within a thousand feet from the shore. Property is for sale all along the coast.

The Judge and I haunt the local bookstores, yarn shops (me) and antiques shops. This fabulous Haviland dish was in a shop in Daytona, and at a dime store price. The photo doesn't do it justice. Now where shall I hang it???

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hat and Socks

Well, I usually don't get too matchy-matchy, but I had more yarn and decided to make a long, pointy stocking hat with a little tassel to coordinate with the socks. I vaguely remember having one of those as a child. Yes, the socks probably should have been mittens. But I like socks better. Maybe mittens later.

The Latvian twist edging is a new favorite of mine, and I'll use it again. Only thing I might have done differently would be to make three rows of the decorative border on the hat, rather than just one. And maybe on the socks, too.