Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chilean Sidetrack

You can believe that I was sidetracked by this pattern and yarn while looking for (more) sock yarn, can't you? It's a scarf pattern based on a Chilean woven blanket and the yarn is pure alpaca, which is really slippery on my KnitPicks needles. The pattern gets more colorful as you go along, with fourteen different colors (and corresponding ends to weave in).

Let's see if I can keep to my decision to weave in the ends after each color block. What!


renee said...

Looks great so far. It's a very good idea to weave in your ends as you go along. I am doing my mitered square blanket and after I sew each square together, I weave in the ends, even though it's a PITA. Every time I think about skipping it, I think about having to weave in all of those ends when I'm all done and I get back to work.

Guinifer said...

That's stunning.
You are really working the needles right now, aren't you?

Jen said...

oh, i think that is going to turn out just wonderful!