Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Urban Edge

Intermittent knitting has been going on with this scarf for some time now. The pattern is Urban Edge Scarf from Needlework Unlimited. The yarn is Anne Superwash Merino, and it is really lovely. But there's still a lot of yarn to go before all of it is used up. Will measure a man's cloth scarf to see about the length and maybe stop at that length.

What is the best length for a man's scarf?


Guinifer said...

Very sophisticated looking scarf. I think length is a personal preference. Grumperina had a couple posts on the ideal length - also spoke about blocking and stretching.

renee said...

I think it depends on how the recipient intends to wear it. I like to fold the scarf in half and pull the ends through the loop, but you need a longer scarf for that. I think 6' is pretty standard for an adult scarf, though.