Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two Pair in Progress

These have been going on for awhile now. I like the yarn, and knitting with it has been interesting. Also shown is the wooly nylon destined for the heels and toes. A yarn shop person told me that adding reinforcement to yarn that already has some synthetic could actually be more of a problem because they could wear against each other. The yarn has micro nylon in it already, so maybe it isn't necessary. Any comments?

I simply adore the way the gray striped socks are turning out, except for obsessing over fixing the "jog." After having read quite a few different ways to do it and trying a couple of them, I felt they weren't any more satisfactory than just letting it jog. Maybe it was the nature of the stripes, the thinness of them, that didn't lend themselves to being "unjogged." Does anyone out there have any good experience with this?

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Guinifer said...

I love both pairs of socks.

I am having difficulty leaving comments today, so I hope this goes through.