Thursday, December 28, 2006

The 70's Sweater, Really!

Here it is...after years in the closet. I can still wear it, but it's a bit more snug than it used to be, and that's one reason it has been hibernating. Another is that it's so warm that even thirty years ago I found it too warm to wear indoors. The sweater made its debut at my oldest son's high school football game. The hood was warm and nicely attractive, too.

I knit sweaters for my sons, but the only other sweater that remains from ages ago is a little fisherman knit that was made for my nephew when he was a small child. I was happy to learn that sweater now belongs to my nephew's son, who was born in October of this year. It's a little big for him yet, but maybe in a year or so he will be wearing it. Here he is wearing the blue blanket I made for him:


Guinifer said...

The sweater looks fantastic! (and I was old enough to remember '77 - I was 16 as a matter of fact.

Jennifer said...

that sweater is so beautiful!!!