Monday, November 13, 2006

The Red Socks

I really like this yarn (and I love the color; Blue Blood Red), but am finding that my stitches are somewhat uneven with these socks. The ribbing is a 3/1, which is probably my favorite ribbing because it lies fairly flat while still retaining the stretchiness needed.

Maybe it's because I am a "thrower" or an English knitter. I purchased a book called YNotKnit and would like to learn the Continental method. Would this make my knitting more uniform? Faster? More pleasurable? Will I slow down long enough to even try it? Will it be like starting over?

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Kelly said...

I was a "thrower" for years, but I always had "gutters" on the back side of my stockinette. I'd read that knitting continental can help that, so I tried it. So about a year ago, I forced myself to do it - at first it was slow & cumbersome, but after a while, I got much better at it, and now I only "throw" if I'm knitting with two colors.

My tension has gotten MUCH better - no more gutters, and very even stitches. It's especially good when knitting in the round - I love it. Plus, I probably knit twice as fast as I used to. I'd give it a whirl if I were you!