Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Well-Turned Ankle...er, Heel:

As I live and breathe (and knit) a pair of socks is emerging from my two sets of double point needles. Using Kroy sock yarn in a lovely shade of charcoal, I am creating my first pair of socks. The pattern is "Beginner's Lightweight Socks" from Knitting Pure and Simple.

Somewhere I read that if you do both socks at the same time, you won't end up with the dreaded "one sock syndrome." And it is supposed to help you keep the socks the same size. Sure. Let's see if I can get them both the same length now.

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susan said...

What a lovely but dangerous opportunity this is! Leaving comments on a dear friend's blog invites trouble of an uncertain stripe, esp. if all parties are armed w/OOO Skacels. Love the charcoal socks and want progressive info on the vagaries of dbl needled sock building. So brave you are!

Guess who?????